It’s that time again around our office where everything kicks into gear and everyone begins to get a little stressed. Personally, I develop stress symptoms such as constant headaches and a wicked eye twitch, while a friend of mine develops stomach issues.

The point is, stress hits us all, and while it does so in different ways, we can all do little inexpensive things during the work day to help us calm down.

Develop a breathing technique

Or meditate, whatever really works for you. I tend to breathe in deeply for five counts, and then breathe out for another five. I do this while imagining the negative energy being pushed out of me during the out counts. I do it about three to four times on a good day, about 10 and up on a hectic day. Try it, you’ll thank me later.

Buy some scented lotion

Lemon, eucalyptus, vanilla; whatever works for you! Use this to spend about 3-5 minutes massaging the lotion into your hands. Not only does this moisturize your hands (you’re welcome), but also the smell will immediately calm you. I keep one at my desk and use it every day.

Go for a walk

Have you read those articles on the web that say we’re taking five years off our lives by sitting down at our 40-hour-per-week job? While we can’t all stop using sitting desks and start using a standing desk, a walk around the block halfway through the day could do wonders. It’s a chance to get outside and stretch your legs, but also to step away and clear your mind for a moment.

When you do shut off, shut down

It’s not easy to unplug from a job that you do for over 8 hours every day, which then follows you home on your work device. When you do have the chance to unplug and unwind, please shut down. If you’re able to go on vacation for three days, don’t check in. Sometimes it’s the best for your mental health to relax for three days and catch up when you’re back in.

De-stressing is easier said than done, and even the most well organized professional can become stressed by work. The above tips may not solve all of your stress problems, but they sure can help to provide a peaceful moment during the work day.