we’ve got good genes.

Aside from the fact that we are all extremely good looking creatures with fantastic personalities and fun to work with – we know our s#!%. Our team reflects the best of the new and the old mindsets – where great content creation and business strategies meet new media and creativity. All with the intent of helping our clients be more successful. And our team has both client-side and big agency experience. It’s a nice balance that gives us unique insight, helps us understand your needs, and makes us very efficient and effective.

LRG and our sister agency, in|fusion, are both MediaMax companies. Diversifying our corporate architecture has helped us to grow while giving us more flexibility to evolve and create new business models to serve our clients and community.

Here are a quick few facts…

  • we’re a small agency with a big reputation
  • our roots go back to 1972
  • we offer fully integrated marketing services
  • we’re brand building and repositioning specialists
  • we have an international presence

our team

Diana Wolff, Chief Strategy Officer
Kevin Handerson, Vice President
Keith Kanestrin, Vice President
Nancy Conklin, Business Manager
Nicole Milillo, Media Director
Jayme Cunningham, Senior Account Supervisor
Amanda Hahn, Director of Digital Marketing
Rachel Nieto, Digital Marketing Manager
Victoria Mehta
Sabina Flagg, Graphic Designer
"Content is king."
Angela O
Emily Milne, Account Supervisor
Ray Tralle, Account Supervisor

MediaMax portfolio

LRG clients