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Why should you work with us and how are we different?

You’ve never met an agency like LRG. Our team makes a difference every day – not just to keep up with trends, but to set them. To create new sales and market opportunities. To develop insightful strategies that transform into engaging content, creative and delivery.

It’s our passion to fly with our clients.

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Diana Wolff, President
Kevin Handerson, VP, Web Development and Special Projects
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Keith Kanestrin, Vice President
Nancy Conklin, Business Manager
Jayme Cunningham, Account Supervisor
Jenelle Thomas, Assistant Account Executive
"Content is king."
Nicole Milillo, Media Director
Ray Tralle, Account Supervisor
Jaime Auriana, Account Supervisor
Kirsten Detweiler, Graphic Designer
Amanda Hahn, Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Rachel Nieto, Digital Marketing Coordinator