3 big takeaways from INBOUND 2016

I attended HubSpot’s Inbound marketing conference for the first time this month, and I’m glad I did (and not only because I finally got to try New Haven pizza—er, “apizza”—on the drive back to NY). The sheer number of presentations at Inbound means you only see a fraction of what’s available at the event, but [...]

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Marketing predictions for 2017

It may soon be the season to be jolly, but I know it will also be the season for predictions. Every year, about this time, there begins a small flood of “Year-end wrap-up” articles and “Predictions for the coming year” articles. Wrap-up articles are often interesting, summarizing things that actually happened during the year that, [...]

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Create your own active movement workplace

If you’re like me, you spend the majority of your day sitting in an office chair. Think about it. How often do you get up and leave the confines of your computer/desk in a typical work day?  I bet if you count them up, it probably amounts to a morning and afternoon break, a bathroom [...]

Create your own active movement workplace2017-05-02T10:53:57-04:00

The ins and outs of a coverage report

A ton of editorial and press coverage goes through the pipeline each day and chances are, your client may be a little too busy to track their own editorial coverage from different websites and/or publications. That’s where you, the PR expert, come into play. Along with the many other materials that you provide to your [...]

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Plan for the worst, hope for the best: Trade show edition

ASIS 2016 was another successful security industry event for us. We had a good show and it was great to catch up with all of our industry friends. This year, some vendors noted that the show seemed to be quiet, attendance-wise. Some of the exhibitors who are more concerned about the number of leads than [...]

Plan for the worst, hope for the best: Trade show edition2017-05-02T10:53:57-04:00

You care about your metrics. Why?

Metrics seem to run every aspect of our lives. I’m sure there’s a metric for that statement. But what do metrics even mean? The sheer amount of information and pressure behind the word ‘metric’ itself is pretty incredible. Metrics can show the “good,” the “bad” and the “meh.” The bigger question is – are you [...]

You care about your metrics. Why?2017-05-02T10:53:57-04:00

How to utilize email marketing after a trade show

Looking at your email database after a trade show can sometimes feel as daunting as going through your garage. You know there’s something useful there, but it can often be cumbersome to find. Odds are that you have a lot of email addresses in your database but aren’t sure where they all came from and [...]

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Embracing market fragmentation

Despite the hopes and plans of marketers that have counted on markets coalescing and converging – presumably on their own offering – the evidence shows that the opposite normally occurs. Over time, markets tend to fragment, even for companies that have built powerfully dominant positions in the shorter term. A great example is the market [...]

Embracing market fragmentation2017-05-02T10:53:57-04:00

Is my data protected?

It’s a question you should be asking yourself. And I’m not just talking about small to medium businesses (SMB’s) but individuals too. Unfortunately, many companies and individuals don’t take the time or dedicate resources to plan and address this critical issue. If you don’t, you’re putting your business and/or yourself at a substantial risk that [...]

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Tips for building a media list

Creating a media list is a fundamental part of running an effective PR campaign. You need to know who your new client wants to reach, which can be very general (real estate) or very specific (property managers of apartments). Once that is nailed down you can begin to curate a list that will produce the [...]

Tips for building a media list2017-05-02T10:53:57-04:00