The B2B digital marketer’s guide to publishing

Before the advent of digital marketing, bylines used to be the only way a B2B executive could receive exposure as a thought leader with potential prospects and customers. This made traditional public relations a key driver to getting messaging and new ideas in the B2B space out in the open. Now, blogging has created an [...]

The B2B digital marketer’s guide to publishing2017-05-02T10:53:57-04:00

5 elements of a good landing page (and one to avoid)

Ever since B2B marketing entered the online world, attracting web visitors has been a valid performance metric to measure a campaign’s success. Yet as marketing strategies have shifted to adjusting for a longer sales cycle, conversions are the new metric that matters. For those who don’t know, a conversion is simply when a visitor takes [...]

5 elements of a good landing page (and one to avoid)2017-05-02T10:54:01-04:00

LRG Marketing’s Integrated Marketing Blueprint

Earlier this week, we released our Integrated Marketing Blueprint for everyone to download. We introduced it to our clients earlier this year and it’s helped them align their business objectives with their marketing activity. Many companies have great content, but aren’t sure exactly how to use it or have a plan on ensuring it makes [...]

LRG Marketing’s Integrated Marketing Blueprint2017-05-02T10:54:02-04:00

Lessons I’ve learned in client management

There are plenty of lessons to be learned when you’re first starting out in public relations. Your job spans from content creation to media placement and learning how to manage clients. In my experience to date, client management is more than just managing a client’s marketing efforts – it’s about building and cultivating a relationship [...]

Lessons I’ve learned in client management2017-05-02T10:54:02-04:00

Why B2B execs should publish on LinkedIn

Nearly two years ago, LinkedIn announced the ability for the general public to publish on its platform. Before this announcement, it reserved the platform for a hand-picked group of 150 influencers, which eventually grew to 500. Influencers ranged from Bill Gates to Mark Cuban, whose blog posts averaged over 20,000 views and became a currency [...]

Why B2B execs should publish on LinkedIn2017-05-02T10:54:02-04:00

3 tips on writing B2B email marketing copy

If you’ve ever struggled with writing email marketing copy, you’ve probably come across some of the many articles on the topic online. Many address subject line length, CTA button design, and other topics in great detail—but for me, the hardest part has always been the copy itself. Here are a few general tips that for [...]

3 tips on writing B2B email marketing copy2017-05-02T10:54:02-04:00

5 social media mistakes B2B brands make at trade shows

Today is the start of the National Retail Federation’s Annual Convention & Expo, inarguably the largest and most influential show for the retail industry of the year. According to NRF, 89 percent of attendees play a role in purchasing decisions, making “Retail’s BIG Show” a perfect new business opportunity. Trade shows have always been a [...]

5 social media mistakes B2B brands make at trade shows2016-12-08T14:53:45-04:00

3 B2B New York start-ups killing it on social

The New York tech start-up scene made a big splash in 2015. Starting with the emergence of WeWork as one of the first New York “Unicorns” (the name given to start-ups with a least a $1 billion valuation), the Big Apple is proving it’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the [...]

3 B2B New York start-ups killing it on social2017-05-02T10:54:03-04:00

Top 5 predictions for B2B marketing in 2016

Some of the most exciting campaigns happening right now are in the business-to-business world. Expect this to accelerate in 2016 as B2Bs become even more immersed in the digital realm – while tapping into the strength of some surprising platforms as well. Here are my top 5 predictions for B2B marketing next year: The first [...]

Top 5 predictions for B2B marketing in 20162017-05-02T10:54:03-04:00

Tips for efficient client/agency communication

I love It’s a humor blog that creates electronic greeting card images for events like birthdays, holidays, and of course workplace scenarios. I often find images on their site to send to friends, family and colleagues to lighten the mood on an event or some random situation. They’re often sarcastic and sometimes crude, but [...]

Tips for efficient client/agency communication2017-05-02T10:54:03-04:00