There are plenty of lessons to be learned when you’re first starting out in public relations. Your job spans from content creation to media placement and learning how to manage clients. In my experience to date, client management is more than just managing a client’s marketing efforts – it’s about building and cultivating a relationship as well. Here are a few of the lessons I’ve learned regarding client management:

Look for the ‘Oomph’ in the client’s product/service

In managing your clients’ accounts, it’s important to find out what makes their product or service stand out from their competitors. As an agency, you want your clients’ products or services to stand out. In order to do this, take the time to learn about your clients’ offerings through webinars, data sheets, presentations and other assets so you’re ready to truly be at the same level of expertise as they are.

New business isn’t better than older business

There will be times when your agency’s clientele will grow and when they do it’s important not to forget the clients you already have. This may sound crazy, but it can definitely happen in the process of meeting the new client, learning their product offerings or services and developing content for them. It’s important not to forget the clients who have remained loyal for years or they’ll move on if they don’t feel valued.  

Schedule meetings

Need to discuss new campaigns and products for your client? Nothing beats face-to-face time. By holding meetings with clients, you can help address concerns or generate new ideas for winning campaigns. Scheduling a meeting with your client is sometimes better than phone calls and emails in order to learn about new products or upcoming events.

Develop communication

The expression, “Closed mouths don’t get fed” comes into play here. Communication in everyday life is important and in Public Relations it’s MANDATORY. Since we’re not mind-readers, it’s crucial for there to be open communication between the client and agency.

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