We’re not sure if it’s our incredibly good looks or that we’re just lovable people, but it just so happens that we have a lot of happy couples at LRG Marketing. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d share some love stories, what we’re doing for Valentine’s Day and even offer some valuable love advice. Here are some of the best answers our employees provided for our survey.

How did you meet your significant other?

Nikki: Through a friend. Then he basically hunted me down and wouldn’t take no for an answer. A true salesman at heart! Our first real date really ended terribly. Did I mention that terrible first date was on Steve’s birthday? Enough time has passed for me to somewhat stop cringing about it.

Marina: We worked for the same company. I was on the 10th floor. He was on the 8th floor. Completely different departments. But we had a “pass-in-the-hallway” crush that eventually turned into a date. Our first time alone together was in the company elevator. That’s when he asked me my name. Turns out he already knew my name. I was on my way to a vacation in California to meet another guy. Our elevator conversation planted the seed. I had a lousy visit with the other guy, so I was eager to get back to New York and do something I’d never done before — ask a guy on a date first! I called and left a message. He called me back and asked me out to lunch for Indian food in the East Village.

Adam: One of my friends that I’ve known since college wanted to set me up and had a long talk with me about what I was looking for in a relationship. A few days later, she suggested one of her friends for me and we met at E’s (a bar that has board games), but got so wrapped up in conversation that we never actually played any of them.

How long have you been dating?

Vicki: We still think of ourselves as dating! One of the ways we “keep the home fires burning” in spite of two hectic careers, two wonderful children, a house and three gray cats, amongst other things that can sometimes make it hard for each of us to focus on the other. But if I have to get technical, we dated for 14 months, were engaged for six months and have been married for almost five years.

nose snuggle

Marina: We dated for two years and were engaged for 13 months before we got married. We’ve been married for almost 22 years!

Nikki: Steve proposed after nine months of us dating (yes, seriously) – which started the day right after our first terrible date. Crazy I know, but at that point it almost seemed strangely overdue. Hey, when you know you just know! We were engaged for about a year and a half, and now we’ve just passed our three-year marriage anniversary. So we’ve been together for about 5.5 years. Here’s to you kid!

Do you have a particularly romantic story you’d like to share?

Diana: Sometimes he cancels my car service and surprises me at the airport. Last time that happened, I called the service when I landed to confirm they were on their way, and the poor dispatcher (who knew Charlie had canceled because he was going to surprise me) couldn’t tell me so he just put me on hold and left me there. I was starting to get annoyed when I suddenly spotted Charlie at the bottom of the escalator carrying a big sign with my name on it.

DW and CZK CJ Graduation dinner

Emily: Currently doing long distance (he’s in Virginia and I’m here in New York) so I would say our romantic moments revolve around our limited time together. This past December he was doing work in Buffalo, NY and one weekend drove 6 hours there and 6 hours back to spend less than 12 hours with me.

Marina: We got engaged on Valentine’s Day. It was a snowy, sunny, work day in NYC. My then boyfriend took me to brunch at our favorite brunch spot across town. Afterwards, we walked back through Central Park. He got down on one knee in the park and proposed, ring and all. We built a small snowman in the exact spot to celebrate. While we were digging in the snow, our hands ended up finding a pile of dog poop! It doesn’t get much more real than that! Then we went on to work and shared the exciting news.

Marina and Marc

Are you doing anything for Valentine’s Day? If so, what is it?

Diana: We don’t go all out but we always get each other lots of cards. And I’m pretty sure there’s a big heart-shaped box of chocolates in my future.

Vicki: Since Valentine’s Day is a Sunday, we’ll likely spend it by having a little Valentine’s “party” with our babies. A fun dinner and some pink and red cupcakes that I’ll make with our son, David. Once the kids go to bed that night, glasses of wine on the couch in our pajamas surrounded by the cats. I know, we’re such “old married people,” but we love it!  🙂

Emily: Since we’re long distance, we haven’t nailed down who will be traveling to whom, but we’ll be having a dinner at home (cooking beef bourguignon together!)

What love advice would you share with readers?

Marina: Relationships are rewarding and like anything rewarding, they are also challenging. Always give each other time and space. Things have a way of sorting themselves out with both. And it is true that time heals all things. Learn how to comfort yourself and not expect your partner to “make you happy.” Only you can make yourself happy. Your partner is there for sharing, support and friendship. They weren’t put on this earth to live up to all your expectations. When we got married, I asked my father what advice he could give me. (He and my mom have been married for 60 years now.) His answer? “Take long walks and calm down.”

Vicki: Don’t let go of the things you used to do while you were dating. If you used to send each other lovey-dovey text messages during the work day before you got married – don’t stop doing it. Hold hands. Tell each other what’s on your mind. Don’t go to bed angry with each other, ever. Don’t let the stress or anger you have with outside entities (e.g. work, in-laws, etc) affect the two of you. I could go on for miles… but these are my top suggestions <3

Emily: Communicate about everything. No matter how silly you believe an issue or problem is, talking about it with your partner is the most important thing you can do for each other. That, and make sure you can laugh together, it makes life more fun.



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