Meet Duchess. Yes, that’s her real name and she owns it like no one’s business. This cat has turned into our best agency client regardless of what anyone else says.

Whether Duchess is paying the LRG office a visit or following one of us to our car after work, she lets us know exactly what she wants and when she wants it. During the many occasions one of us will open the door for fresh air, Duchess is known to run right into our office meowing *loudly* like there’s no tomorrow. If she wants to roll or strut around the office – she does it. If she wants a (most likely second of the day) meal – she gets it. You get the idea. But the question is: Are you comfortable implementing this type of confidence into your own everyday relationships?

Here are some examples from the office cat that we love to see from all clients:

Just assume we’re good friends.

We’d like to be! At LRG we’re actually quite close with many of the people we speak to on a daily basis.

Five of us here answer the agency incoming calls at random and we have clients who know immediately who it is that answered their call without fail. Every single time. Do you even have to question how this happens? They call and we love it. They never hesitate to call us regardless of what the topic is. Not to mention, they take time out of their day to ask how we’re doing. This only takes about one minute to do but it’s a nice touch and we’ve gotten to know each other better as a result.

Ask for help!

While we’re constantly brainstorming for our clients, we’re always open to client requests. If there’s a project you’re interested in doing, don’t wait for us to ask if we can help you!

You may think of us as an agency that only does XYZ for you, but we’re always thinking about more ways to help. Got an idea? Bring it to us! We love working as a team with you to accomplish great things by thinking outside of the box. In between brainstorming and projects, we encourage you to drop a line just to say “hi” or simply to learn who it is that answered your call.

Say what you feel.

Sometimes a question or thought can seem so small or silly that you hesitate to even ask it out loud. Why bring it up when you still need to really think it through? Why feel vulnerable when you could simply choose not to?

Because we love to help you. We want to be a part of any process possible to make things fun and your life/workload a bit simpler. And just like we tend to Duchess’s very firm demands (but don’t expect a scratch behind your ear – we do have limits).

They say you really shouldn’t feed stray cats; it can make them dependent on you. But Duchess has her own mind, and we love that about her – and about our clients. If you didn’t already know that about us you’re probably over due on your random wellness check-in (845-358-1801). Seriously, call us.