Is my data protected?

It’s a question you should be asking yourself. And I’m not just talking about small to medium businesses (SMB’s) but individuals too. Unfortunately, many companies and individuals don’t take the time or dedicate resources to plan and address this critical issue. If you don’t, you’re putting your business and/or yourself at a substantial risk that [...]

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Tips for building a media list

Creating a media list is a fundamental part of running an effective PR campaign. You need to know who your new client wants to reach, which can be very general (real estate) or very specific (property managers of apartments). Once that is nailed down you can begin to curate a list that will produce the [...]

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5 places to find creative inspiration

Sometimes you are working on a project and the creative juices are flowing and other times you hit a creative wall. Hitting that wall can hurt when a deadline is coming up and someone is expecting mind-blowing concepts from you. Everyone gathers inspiration from different places and by doing different things. Going for a walk [...]

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3 overlooked fundamentals of marketing in the age of new media

Recently we were sitting in a prospective client’s office, trying to explain how search and social media integrate with a content marketing program. While they were generally open to the concept, they didn’t quite get what we were saying. Like a lot of business-to-business marketers, they were used to the traditional methods of building awareness [...]

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10 B2B blogs we like to read

When blogging first started, you’d have been hard-pressed to find anyone who imagined B2B brands would one day use this as a strategy to build leads. However, that is exactly the function of B2B blogging today. Leading brands utilize B2B blogs for lead generation, thought leadership and a platform to engage with their followers. In [...]

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What am I going to wear?

Worrying about what to wear seems like a concern we should have left behind in high school. But the truth is, many professional women in all stages of life ask themselves, “What am I going to wear?” or “Is this okay?” when they are faced with invites to client meetings, events/ trade shows or a [...]

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