[SLIDESHARE] Guide to the New York Startup Scene

When the startup boom hit in 1971, Silicon Valley owned the scene as a hub for anyone who worked in tech. Companies like Google, Apple and Facebook paved the way for entrepreneurs and venture capital firms to build businesses in hopes of becoming the next Unicorn (companies with a $1 billion valuation). Today, the Valley [...]

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LRG Marketing’s Integrated Marketing Blueprint

Earlier this week, we released our Integrated Marketing Blueprint for everyone to download. We introduced it to our clients earlier this year and it’s helped them align their business objectives with their marketing activity. Many companies have great content, but aren’t sure exactly how to use it or have a plan on ensuring it makes [...]

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Lessons I’ve learned in client management

There are plenty of lessons to be learned when you’re first starting out in public relations. Your job spans from content creation to media placement and learning how to manage clients. In my experience to date, client management is more than just managing a client’s marketing efforts – it’s about building and cultivating a relationship [...]

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Is it time to rebrand? 10 points to consider…

Making this important decision may require a combination of research and instinct. Generally, the decision should not follow a whim. There are reasonable considerations in favor of and against rebranding. The following are some good reasons to rebrand:  1). Your business is experiencing significant problems such as a noticeable decrease in sales and customers. You [...]

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Why is responsive design so important?

Over the last several years, responsive design has made its way into being the most popular type of design used to build websites. It’s the reformatting of images and text on a website, making it easily accessible and viewable on different devices regardless of your screen size. Why responsive design? When visiting a site, you [...]

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The unbelievable opportunity for technology integrators

What do you spend most of your business time online looking at? Leaving aside cat videos and anything else that “cat videos” could be a euphemism for, the answer probably is INFORMATION. One of the biggest advantages of the Internet is the way in which it has brought immediate information directly to our fingertips. Whether [...]

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