You’d think a Zuckerberg would know better.

After posting a “private family picture” to Facebook, she became angry when Vox Media Marketing Director Callie Schweitzer – who legitimately saw the photo on her own timeline – tweeted it to the world. Instead of wisely leaving the situation alone, Ms. Zuckerberg tweeted back, “You reposting it to Twitter was way uncool”. The conversation continued, and people started to notice – and grab the photo, so that even when the original twitpic was deleted, the photo (and screencaps of the entire conversation) began making its way through social media, gaining more viewers by the hour.

Irony, line one.

It’s almost impossible not to find this hilarious – or at the very least, amusingly ironic. Facebook’s privacy controls have been criticized for years by frustrated users who couldn’t move fast enough to stay ahead of the changes, and who have never appreciated finding out that their data was far more public than they would have liked.

While the story is great fun (if you’re a fan of schadenfreude), the real lesson to take out of it is, remember that social media is social. The more fun it is, the more fun it is to share.

Expect to see this become a meme in the next five minutes.