It’s easy to love our big clients – the ones who make up the lion’s share of billing with the largest budgets. We can do great work for them, and a lot of it, which keeps the creative wheels turning and the overhead lights on.

But let’s take a minute to really appreciate our smaller clients. These are the startups, the spin-offs, the niche companies with great products in highly defined markets. They might be struggling, they might be growing like weeds or they might be long-established in their little domain. The one thing they have in common is – they don’t have much money to spend.

These companies can be some of our very favorite clients.

With our smaller clients, we are often able to work with top management, minimizing levels of approval needed to take action. They have a great appreciation for the expertise a professional agency can bring to the picture. And it is fun – actual fun – to see a company’s image brought to light for the first time by a great campaign.

So while landing a big client is cause for celebration on every level, we have a tremendous appreciation for our small clients as well. And we thank you for your loyal support and your business. You know who you are.