9 tips to make you a better communicator

Most people think they are strong communicators. They say to themselves, “I have face-to-face discussions with my customers all the time.” Then after thinking about it, they realize they actually meant to say “phone conversations.” And after a long pause, “well it’s more like a lot of email exchanges.”And finally, “no what I really meant [...]

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Capitalizing on the power of thought leadership marketing

What is the real definition of a thought leader? It’s true that the term thought leader is used far too often when there’s no reality behind it. That’s all the more reason to take a good look at what it really means and why there is value in becoming a true thought leader for your [...]

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Time management for PR professionals

During the work week (and sometimes during the weekend), we all know there aren’t enough hours in a day to tackle every single item that may come across your email or desk. It’s important to manage your time wisely in order to keep peace of mind. Unless there’s a time machine hanging around at the [...]

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5 social media mistakes B2B brands make at trade shows

Today is the start of the National Retail Federation’s Annual Convention & Expo, inarguably the largest and most influential show for the retail industry of the year. According to NRF, 89 percent of attendees play a role in purchasing decisions, making “Retail’s BIG Show” a perfect new business opportunity. Trade shows have always been a [...]

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The omni-channel integrated marketing imperative

When LRG Marketing Communications was founded 27 years ago, the marketing landscape looked far different than it does now.  More specifically, B2B marketing was pretty straightforward as companies relied on primarily on trade print media, direct mail, public relations, collateral material and industry shows for their promotional activities. Although these are still important marketing deliverables, [...]

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7 basic rules for a rookie designer

In order to design effectively you have to understand the fundamentals of design. That way, when you break a few rules you can break them the right way. There are a lot of things to keep in mind while designing, from typography, to layout, to color. This list will help guide you when designing. Letter [...]

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3 B2B New York start-ups killing it on social

The New York tech start-up scene made a big splash in 2015. Starting with the emergence of WeWork as one of the first New York “Unicorns” (the name given to start-ups with a least a $1 billion valuation), the Big Apple is proving it’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the [...]

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How research can save your business

Have you ever been truly excited to begin a project? You strive for perfection, yet there is some unexplained need for instant gratification. The marketing and advertising world is full of this excitement; ideas adjust daily: Many studies break down the post timing of individual platforms, while noting that Facebook users tend to prefer short [...]

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