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Diana is the President of LRG Marketing Communications.

3 overlooked fundamentals of marketing in the age of new media

Recently we were sitting in a prospective client’s office, trying to explain how search and social media integrate with a content marketing program. While they were generally open to the concept, they didn’t quite get what we were saying. Like a lot of business-to-business marketers, they were used to the traditional methods of building awareness [...]

Why brands are failing to re-brand effectively

Over the last few years, a number of brands have launched new looks and new logos. Some of these were successful – but others, even some developed over months and for millions of dollars, were met with resounding howls and boos. After watching a few brands retreat in the face of this kind of harsh [...]

The unbelievable opportunity for technology integrators

What do you spend most of your business time online looking at? Leaving aside cat videos and anything else that “cat videos” could be a euphemism for, the answer probably is INFORMATION. One of the biggest advantages of the Internet is the way in which it has brought immediate information directly to our fingertips. Whether [...]

Capitalizing on the power of thought leadership marketing

What is the real definition of a thought leader? It’s true that the term thought leader is used far too often when there’s no reality behind it. That’s all the more reason to take a good look at what it really means and why there is value in becoming a true thought leader for your [...]

Top 5 predictions for B2B marketing in 2016

Some of the most exciting campaigns happening right now are in the business-to-business world. Expect this to accelerate in 2016 as B2Bs become even more immersed in the digital realm – while tapping into the strength of some surprising platforms as well. Here are my top 5 predictions for B2B marketing next year: The first [...]

Should you ditch the data and follow your instincts?

It’s not news that marketers have access to a wealth of data today. More than ever, in fact. And with every new platform throwing off daily analytics reports that can be parsed a hundred ways, the data overload is growing fast. Of course there’s a ton of valuable information for marketers in those reports.  Which [...]

12 tips to survive your next trade show or conference

Some of us leave our homes or offices several times a year to head across the country (or the globe) to attend events. Whether it’s a trade show, conference, seminar or meet-up, it usually represents long travel, many nights in a hotel and long days on your feet. It can be exhausting, stressful and difficult [...]

Are you ready for social media? Here’s a 5-point checklist to guide you.

Some marketers are making a lot of noise saying you’re missing tremendous opportunities if you’re not on social media. And that’s true – the potential is huge, and for many industries it’s still largely untapped. However. Not every company or brand should be on social media. Success in the social world begins with a company’s [...]

The surprising mistake B2B brands make on social media

Now that we’re well into the era of B2B on social media, a lot of business-minded companies are seeing their competition building communities and creating marketing value with a robust social media presence. And as these brands begin to recognize the value, they are starting to put their own community management programs into place. For [...]

Rock solid proof that content marketing works (influencer marketing too)

Share your best stuff, the experts tell you. Give value to your audience and they will become your customers. And it’s absolutely true – not just in the short term, but over time as well. I just proved it to myself without even trying. How? Well – I don’t know if you are on the [...]

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