We’ve all been there before. You envision a fantastic marketing campaign with amazing results and get your team excited about the possibilities of your plan.

Next, you expand your vision to your agency, or to your writers and graphic artists. And this is where the perfect campaign you visualized falls to pieces.

The message is all wrong. The creative looks nothing like what you thought you were communicating. Now you have to spend hours going back and forth with your vendor or department fixing everything that went wrong between ideation and execution.

But what if this whole scenario never had to happen? What if your initial vision was communicated so well that your creative team brought you back the perfect embodiment of your messaging?

Great marketing strategists use a creative brief to accomplish just that. A well-written creative brief helps align your team on goals and objectives, allows you to formulate a vision and to make certain that all stakeholders are on the same page.

This will also ensure that any changes to your marketing campaign are as minimal and painless as possible. Almost every great campaign came to life from a well thought-out creative brief.

Not sure how to write one? That’s ok. We created a free guide to help walk you through the process. By filling out this template, you can create the framework needed to build a winning campaign.

A good creative brief requires a balance between being general and specific. You don’t want to write out all the details of the campaign – that’s what your creative team is for. However, you want to be sure that all the components you’re looking for are included.

Get started writing your creative brief today using our free guide. If you need help, feel free to contact us and one of our marketing consultants will walk you through the process.

Download your creative brief template here.