If you love social media, you might just be an introvert.

Social media is like a big party you can join whenever you want, stay as long as you like, never worry that someone’s getting bored talking to you and disappear without seeming rude. You can jump in and out of conversations, make a joke without getting talked over and pontificate on any topic you care about. Or listen without talking for as long as you like. No one will chide you for being “quiet” or tell you to smile.

Which is why social media is catnip for introverts.

And this is absolutely great news for the rest of the population. Because although introverts may have a lot to contribute, they can get really nervous and anxious talking to people they don’t know well. So while brilliant charismatic individuals have always been the ones to get (and deserve) tons of glory, now those who would rather hide than mingle have a platform too.

It’s kind of like when technology began to make it possible for nerds to be the ones who got acclaim and success. A person no longer needed to be the captain of the football team to become a captain of industry. Now a really smart, quiet person could come up with a unique idea and create something that billions of people would want to own or become a part of. Social media is like that for socializing.

No wonder introverts love it. It makes the world their comfort zone.

It would be fantastic if there could be an “introvert” icon that would help the rest of us recognize individuals who just need a bit of encouragement to share their wisdom. Maybe it could be a little image of a cat.

If you’re still not clear on what makes an introvert, check this out – it’s a terrific primer to help build understanding.