Blow a “KISS” to your design: 10 steps to “Keep it Simple Stupid (…or Straightforward…or Smart)”

It’s easy to create busy, confusing designs. Simple is hard. The things we create and visualize are products of our mind. How we think impacts how our designs look, feel and function. When designing for clients, things can get tricky. So many different groups providing input, making requests and changes, insisting on features—things can get [...]

Small Acts of Kindness: The gifts that keep on giving

The holidays are “the most wonderful time of year,” where we find ourselves busy with planning, cooking, shopping, decorating and many other happy activities aimed to create joy in our lives and the lives of people around us. But the holidays are also a stressful, and even sad, time of year for many people because [...]

5 Things Communications Professionals Can Learn From Harry Potter

As a young professional in my early 20’s, I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear that Harry Potter has been a big (read: monumental) part of my life. Harry Potter and the world J.K Rowling created brought me closer to my best friends, taught me life lessons, comforted me during times of sadness, and, to [...]

Paid Social and its Impact on B2B Brands

Ever since Facebook announced it was changing its algorithm, better known as EdgeRank, to make it more difficult for brands to achieve organic reach, paid social has stepped onto the scene in a big way. Brands first complained about the shift towards social advertising and eventually embraced it as a necessary evil. As we near [...]

12 tips to survive your next trade show or conference

Some of us leave our homes or offices several times a year to head across the country (or the globe) to attend events. Whether it’s a trade show, conference, seminar or meet-up, it usually represents long travel, many nights in a hotel and long days on your feet. It can be exhausting, stressful and difficult [...]

Are you ready for social media? Here’s a 5-point checklist to guide you.

Some marketers are making a lot of noise saying you’re missing tremendous opportunities if you’re not on social media. And that’s true – the potential is huge, and for many industries it’s still largely untapped. However. Not every company or brand should be on social media. Success in the social world begins with a company’s [...]

The surprising mistake B2B brands make on social media

Now that we’re well into the era of B2B on social media, a lot of business-minded companies are seeing their competition building communities and creating marketing value with a robust social media presence. And as these brands begin to recognize the value, they are starting to put their own community management programs into place. For [...]

Rock solid proof that content marketing works (influencer marketing too)

Share your best stuff, the experts tell you. Give value to your audience and they will become your customers. And it’s absolutely true – not just in the short term, but over time as well. I just proved it to myself without even trying. How? Well – I don’t know if you are on the [...]

Good vs. Evil

I sometimes feel like marketing and PR gets a bad rap. But, I can testify….we are not evil. Marketing, advertising, PR representatives…not evil. A “good” agency will hire and train their personnel on the importance of understanding their clients’ company and, just as important, industry. Not just learning the basics of a company and their [...]

Here come the social media carpetbaggers

A client just sent us information on an “exclusive opportunity” for an event being put on by a “value transformation company” and targeted to their industry. As soon as I saw it I started shaking my head. It’s a perfect example of how companies who don’t yet grasp the workings of social media can easily [...]