Top 5 predictions for B2B marketing in 2016

Some of the most exciting campaigns happening right now are in the business-to-business world. Expect this to accelerate in 2016 as B2Bs become even more immersed in the digital realm – while tapping into the strength of some surprising platforms as well. Here are my top 5 predictions for B2B marketing next year: The first [...]

Tips for efficient client/agency communication

I love It’s a humor blog that creates electronic greeting card images for events like birthdays, holidays, and of course workplace scenarios. I often find images on their site to send to friends, family and colleagues to lighten the mood on an event or some random situation. They’re often sarcastic and sometimes crude, but [...]

Should you ditch the data and follow your instincts?

It’s not news that marketers have access to a wealth of data today. More than ever, in fact. And with every new platform throwing off daily analytics reports that can be parsed a hundred ways, the data overload is growing fast. Of course there’s a ton of valuable information for marketers in those reports.  Which [...]

Blow a “KISS” to your design: 10 steps to “Keep it Simple Stupid (…or Straightforward…or Smart)”

It’s easy to create busy, confusing designs. Simple is hard. The things we create and visualize are products of our mind. How we think impacts how our designs look, feel and function. When designing for clients, things can get tricky. So many different groups providing input, making requests and changes, insisting on features—things can get [...]

Small Acts of Kindness: The gifts that keep on giving

The holidays are “the most wonderful time of year,” where we find ourselves busy with planning, cooking, shopping, decorating and many other happy activities aimed to create joy in our lives and the lives of people around us. But the holidays are also a stressful, and even sad, time of year for many people because [...]

5 Things Communications Professionals Can Learn From Harry Potter

As a young professional in my early 20’s, I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear that Harry Potter has been a big (read: monumental) part of my life. Harry Potter and the world J.K Rowling created brought me closer to my best friends, taught me life lessons, comforted me during times of sadness, and, to [...]

Paid Social and its Impact on B2B Brands

Ever since Facebook announced it was changing its algorithm, better known as EdgeRank, to make it more difficult for brands to achieve organic reach, paid social has stepped onto the scene in a big way. Brands first complained about the shift towards social advertising and eventually embraced it as a necessary evil. As we near [...]