creative initiatives


Finally, we get to the fun part.

Coming up with new creative is actually a highly strategic activity that calls for the right brain and left brain to work together. Because we each have our strengths when it comes to strategic/creative thinking, usually it takes several people working together and separately over a stretch of time to develop and hone creative concepts.

Great creative tells a story with a glance. The imagery and the headline need to work together to inform, amuse, delight or create some kind of intellectual and/or emotional resonance. The creative should directly fulfill campaign objectives, whether it’s to build awareness, launch a product, empty store shelves of a product or something else.

We’ve all seen commercials we love. Gorgeous production values, hilarious situations and emotional story lines win big prizes for the agencies that produce them. But any commercial that doesn’t move the needle in some way is a failure in our opinion.

We don’t like to fail, and we like it even less when our clients fail. So when it comes to new initiatives, we always look beyond the pretty pictures and work hard to give you creative that does the job it’s given to do.




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