There’s a big misconception in B2B sales that when a potential customer leaves your website, the sales opportunity is lost. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

B2B sales are longer journeys, more non-linear and complex than ever before. You can tap into this process by making sure you re-engage customers who have visited your site – through a technology called remarketing.

Remarketing allows you to serve up display ads to individuals who have visited your website as they travel around the internet. By now most of us have experienced this – those sunglasses you looked at on Amazon that later show up next to the article you are reading on a website – and it is a highly effective way of keeping your brand in front of someone who has already shown an interest in your products. By going further to include the specific content the individual was looking at on your site, you create a second touchpoint that gives the prospect another reason to come back to your website and convert to a quality lead. They’ve already expressed interest in your content and products– make sure they’re reminded of the solutions you can provide them.

And you can go beyond display ads to implement remarketing strategies encompassing search terms, social media and email marketing. It’s all possible in a comprehensive digital marketing program.

By including remarketing in your strategy, we can help you turn interested prospects into leads and customers. By remarketing to your site visitors, rather than considering them lost prospects, you’ll generate more quality leads that can turn into sales.

We’d be happy to walk you through remarketing options and help you decide how it fits into your business marketing plan. Feel free to reach out at




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