LRG Marketing Implements Portfolio of Digital and Social Media Marketing Services

Recognized B2B Agency Combines New and Traditional Media to Provide Comprehensive Program Solutions

Nyack, NY (January 23, 2017) – LRG Marketing Communications, a division of MediaMax, continues to aggressively roll out new digital marketing capabilities to provide the agency’s growing list of clients with comprehensive integrated marketing solutions.

“The media landscape continues to change with new and more effective means of cultivating and engaging new prospects for our clients. There needs to be a balance between traditional and digital media tactics to ensure efficiency and reach as media preferences also continue to evolve,” said Vince Galdi, CEO & Chief Creative Officer, LRG Marketing Communications/MediaMax. “To best support our diverse range of clients’ business plans and objectives in this changing media environment, we have made a significant investment in the new science of digital marketing and all of its components.”

LRG’s digital marketing programs are built on the principles of inbound marketing, including a variety of effective tactics such as social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, blogging and more – fully integrated and focused on aligning relevant, high-value content with customer interests. Designed to lead potential customers to marketers, inbound marketing attracts qualified prospects to a business and keeps them coming back, ultimately leading to more sales.

Digital marketing joins LRG’s branding, public relations and general content creation capabilities as part of an overall integrated strategic marketing solution to meet clients’ specific business, sales and marketing goals. To provide the automation platform for the new effort, the agency has partnered with HubSpot to deliver the full suite of integrated digital services. A number of LRG team members hold HubSpot certifications and the agency is continuing to grow and build in-house expertise with new hires.

LRG’s digital marketing portfolio currently includes the following services:

  • Lead Nurturing: Email marketing that uses drip campaigns to keep customers and prospects engaged based on previous actions taken on existing content.
  • Database Segmentation: A filtration strategy that distinguishes cold prospects from warm leads based on a number of web analytics metrics.
  • Smart Content: Customized web pages geared towards specific buyer personas likely to buy security service offerings.
  • Marketing Automation: Using HubSpot, LRG scores every action taken on social media, the web and offline to rank prospects according to their likelihood of becoming a sales qualified lead.
  • Growth-Driven Design: A new, more agile process for website design based on performance data that focuses on delivering results and measurable business value.

LRG publicly initiated its digital marketing service additions with the launch of its new website in November 2015, followed by the addition of social media and other digital services during the course of 2016. A number of LRG’s current clients including Pelco by Schneider Electric, Galaxy Control Systems and Morse Watchmans are already engaged in integrated marketing programs that employ digital marketing techniques.

In ramping up their digital program, LRG has developed a number of resources such as the Email Marketing Study, a whitepaper on content marketing and an e-book on helping brands stand out. In 2017, LRG will continue to add new resources to help clients and prospects understand best practices for inbound marketing.

To learn more about LRG’s inbound marketing portfolio, fill out the contact us form for a free 30-minute consultation.

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