Making the Big Brand Transition Stick

Success story:

Panasonic i-PRO


When Panasonic Security, Medical Imaging and Public Safety business units split off from Panasonic to form a new separate company branded Panasonic i-PRO, LRG was tasked to make a smooth and seamless transition.

Marketing objectives:

  • Generate awareness of the new Panasonic i-PRO brand while leveraging over 60 years of Panasonic’s professional imaging experience and reputation.
  • Create and launch branded programs and campaigns targeting specific end-user vertical markets to generate new leads.
  • Cultivate new channel partners focused on providing a higher level of integration services geared to specific vertical markets.
  • Support the launch of new product and technology introductions.
  • Generate sales leads for cultivation for each of the three business units.

Program strategy:

Create new messaging pillars focused on holistic solutions versus products with distinct value propositions.


We are i-Pro!

execution and results

Created and launched new i-PRO website employing Growth Driven Design that yielded 236,000 page views over the first quarter representing a 58 percent increase over the previous quarter.

Created and launched i-PRO Premium Partner recruitment program employing multi-touch points which generated more than 55,000 impressions and numerous new partner conversations.

Created and launched i-PRO Secure Campus K-12 Education program employing multi-touch points which generated more than 1.2 million impressions and 34 sales inquiries.

Launched new i-PRO Body-Worn Camera for law enforcement employing multiple touchpoints which generated more than 1 million impressions.