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Adam is the Social Media Manager at LRG Marketing Communications.

The B2B digital marketer’s guide to publishing

Before the advent of digital marketing, bylines used to be the only way a B2B executive could receive exposure as a thought leader with potential prospects and customers. This made traditional public relations a key driver to getting messaging and new ideas in the B2B space out in the open. Now, blogging has created an [...]

The B2B digital marketer’s guide to publishing2017-05-02T10:53:57-04:00

How to utilize email marketing after a trade show

Looking at your email database after a trade show can sometimes feel as daunting as going through your garage. You know there’s something useful there, but it can often be cumbersome to find. Odds are that you have a lot of email addresses in your database but aren’t sure where they all came from and [...]

How to utilize email marketing after a trade show2017-05-02T10:53:57-04:00

10 B2B blogs we like to read

When blogging first started, you’d have been hard-pressed to find anyone who imagined B2B brands would one day use this as a strategy to build leads. However, that is exactly the function of B2B blogging today. Leading brands utilize B2B blogs for lead generation, thought leadership and a platform to engage with their followers. In [...]

10 B2B blogs we like to read2017-05-02T10:54:01-04:00

5 elements of a good landing page (and one to avoid)

Ever since B2B marketing entered the online world, attracting web visitors has been a valid performance metric to measure a campaign’s success. Yet as marketing strategies have shifted to adjusting for a longer sales cycle, conversions are the new metric that matters. For those who don’t know, a conversion is simply when a visitor takes [...]

5 elements of a good landing page (and one to avoid)2017-05-02T10:54:01-04:00

What ‘Outliers’ teaches us about marketing

If you’ve ever tried to pick up a skill such as learning an instrument, playing a sport or learning to code, you likely understand the importance of practice. However the publication of the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell gave people a better understanding of just how much practice is truly needed to master something. [...]

What ‘Outliers’ teaches us about marketing2019-12-09T11:26:03-04:00

Why consultative selling is prevailing over traditional sales

Remember how it was before caller ID and Do Not Call lists existed? Odds are you were cold called at least once every night during dinner about a product or service you had no interest in. Usually, the person calling reads quickly and mechanically from a script, never accepting “I’m not interested” as an answer, [...]

Why consultative selling is prevailing over traditional sales2017-05-02T10:54:02-04:00

Why you should use a creative brief to build your marketing campaign

We’ve all been there before. You envision a fantastic marketing campaign with amazing results and get your team excited about the possibilities of your plan. Next, you expand your vision to your agency, or to your writers and graphic artists. And this is where the perfect campaign you visualized falls to pieces. The message is [...]

Why you should use a creative brief to build your marketing campaign2016-04-12T16:07:13-04:00

[SLIDESHARE] Guide to the New York Startup Scene

When the startup boom hit in 1971, Silicon Valley owned the scene as a hub for anyone who worked in tech. Companies like Google, Apple and Facebook paved the way for entrepreneurs and venture capital firms to build businesses in hopes of becoming the next Unicorn (companies with a $1 billion valuation). Today, the Valley [...]

[SLIDESHARE] Guide to the New York Startup Scene2017-05-02T10:54:02-04:00

LRG Marketing’s Integrated Marketing Blueprint

Earlier this week, we released our Integrated Marketing Blueprint for everyone to download. We introduced it to our clients earlier this year and it’s helped them align their business objectives with their marketing activity. Many companies have great content, but aren’t sure exactly how to use it or have a plan on ensuring it makes [...]

LRG Marketing’s Integrated Marketing Blueprint2017-05-02T10:54:02-04:00

Why B2B execs should publish on LinkedIn

Nearly two years ago, LinkedIn announced the ability for the general public to publish on its platform. Before this announcement, it reserved the platform for a hand-picked group of 150 influencers, which eventually grew to 500. Influencers ranged from Bill Gates to Mark Cuban, whose blog posts averaged over 20,000 views and became a currency [...]

Why B2B execs should publish on LinkedIn2017-05-02T10:54:02-04:00
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