You care about your metrics. Why?

Metrics seem to run every aspect of our lives. I’m sure there’s a metric for that statement. But what do metrics even mean? The sheer amount of information and pressure behind the word ‘metric’ itself is pretty incredible. Metrics can show the “good,” the “bad” and the “meh.” The bigger question is – are you [...]

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What you need to know about infographics in 2016

With the tsunami of information that hits us every day, infographics – simple picture “stories,” which are quick and easy to understand – become lifesavers. They help us organize, collate and curate the information that pours at us from screens in a torrent. The WHY If you are in an industry that needs to present [...]

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How to utilize email marketing after a trade show

Looking at your email database after a trade show can sometimes feel as daunting as going through your garage. You know there’s something useful there, but it can often be cumbersome to find. Odds are that you have a lot of email addresses in your database but aren’t sure where they all came from and [...]

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Embracing market fragmentation

Despite the hopes and plans of marketers that have counted on markets coalescing and converging – presumably on their own offering – the evidence shows that the opposite normally occurs. Over time, markets tend to fragment, even for companies that have built powerfully dominant positions in the shorter term. A great example is the market [...]

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