3 simple ways to make your workday more enjoyable

So the boss nixed your request for a soft-serve ice cream machine. Your suggestion for a Segway polo team at the office probably isn’t happening either. So what else can you do to spice up the workday? Here are a few simple tips. Try experimenting with regular work tasks Take a moment to write down [...]

How to keep email from turning toxic

Ever since the Blackberry days where we received the ability to check email 24/7 a lot of us developed an addiction to checking email. While the ability to check email whenever we want has its benefits, it also comes with plenty of expectations, especially when you’re in client service. Being accessible to clients is important [...]

Why cybersecurity should go beyond reality for content marketing

Earlier this year, I attended the RSA Conference  on behalf of a client, and met with a number of established and emerging cybersecurity companies to see how they differentiate and position themselves in this highly competitive space. I expected to see a lot of creative marketing campaigns for cybersecurity at the show, but almost every [...]

Top 5 creative trends for now and tomorrow

Do you wonder what makes one ad look modern, cool and contemporary while another looks stale, dated and even boring? Choices made by designers can make or break your marketing and advertising efforts. There are simple words floating around today that describe what people are responding to in design: FLAT.  SIMPLE.  INTEGRATED.  ANIMATED.  HOMESPUN.  MOBILE. [...]

5 elements of a good landing page (and one to avoid)

Ever since B2B marketing entered the online world, attracting web visitors has been a valid performance metric to measure a campaign’s success. Yet as marketing strategies have shifted to adjusting for a longer sales cycle, conversions are the new metric that matters. For those who don’t know, a conversion is simply when a visitor takes [...]

Give and receive

It’s a common question; can I afford to donate my money or time to a charity or non-profit organization? And the answer is a resounding YES! You don’t have to be wealthy or have an abundance of time to give. Even the simplest things can make a difference. Have you ever thrown some change in [...]

Advice for making the most of your public relations internship

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you can’t expect to get a job out of college on your “Theory of Public Relations” class alone. Internships provide – if you’re willing to work for it – knowledge, expertise and experience that will help you shine in the application process for future employers. Is [...]

Do designers need to learn code?

Many of my design friends are noticing that their counterparts in tech are going into coding school or teaching themselves front-end development. As a result, some are wondering if they should also be learning coding. The truth is, there are quite a few benefits to being a designer who knows the basic markup languages (HTML [...]

What ‘Outliers’ teaches us about marketing

If you’ve ever tried to pick up a skill such as learning an instrument, playing a sport or learning to code, you likely understand the importance of practice. However the publication of the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell gave people a better understanding of just how much practice is truly needed to master something. Even [...]

5 qualities that make a good PR professional

While in school and studying marketing as my concentration, the PR industry never occurred to me. There would be a paragraph giving a brief synopsis into the world of PR and from there the rest of the chapter would carry on. Now looking back, I wished that PR was covered in my major’s curriculum just [...]