About Vicki Hoffman

Vicki is an Account Supervisor at in|fusion.

What am I going to wear?

Worrying about what to wear seems like a concern we should have left behind in high school. But the truth is, many professional women in all stages of life ask themselves, “What am I going to wear?” or “Is this okay?” when they are faced with invites to client meetings, events/ trade shows or a [...]

The glamorous life of a career mom

I thought I could have it all. When I met the love of my life in my late 20’s, I cherished the idea of being a woman with a career and a loving mother to the kids my husband and I would raise together. Soon enough, that idea became a reality and I now have [...]

Small Acts of Kindness: The gifts that keep on giving

The holidays are “the most wonderful time of year,” where we find ourselves busy with planning, cooking, shopping, decorating and many other happy activities aimed to create joy in our lives and the lives of people around us. But the holidays are also a stressful, and even sad, time of year for many people because [...]

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