About Marina Stern

Marina is the Director of Visual Experience at LRG Marketing Communications.

What you need to know about infographics in 2016

With the tsunami of information that hits us every day, infographics – simple picture “stories,” which are quick and easy to understand – become lifesavers. They help us organize, collate and curate the information that pours at us from screens in a torrent. The WHY If you are in an industry that needs to present [...]

Top 5 creative trends for now and tomorrow

Do you wonder what makes one ad look modern, cool and contemporary while another looks stale, dated and even boring? Choices made by designers can make or break your marketing and advertising efforts. There are simple words floating around today that describe what people are responding to in design: FLAT.  SIMPLE.  INTEGRATED.  ANIMATED.  HOMESPUN.  MOBILE. [...]

Is it time to rebrand? 10 points to consider…

Making this important decision may require a combination of research and instinct. Generally, the decision should not follow a whim. There are reasonable considerations in favor of and against rebranding. The following are some good reasons to rebrand:  1). Your business is experiencing significant problems such as a noticeable decrease in sales and customers. You [...]

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