About Luke Krawec

Luke is an Account Supervisor at LRG Marketing Communications.

3 big takeaways from INBOUND 2016

I attended HubSpot’s Inbound marketing conference for the first time this month, and I’m glad I did (and not only because I finally got to try New Haven pizza—er, “apizza”—on the drive back to NY). The sheer number of presentations at Inbound means you only see a fraction of what’s available at the event, but [...]

3 simple ways to make your workday more enjoyable

So the boss nixed your request for a soft-serve ice cream machine. Your suggestion for a Segway polo team at the office probably isn’t happening either. So what else can you do to spice up the workday? Here are a few simple tips. Try experimenting with regular work tasks Take a moment to write down [...]

3 tips on getting more done at the office

How do you decide what to do at work each day? There’s handling your explicit job responsibilities, of course. But you could also spend a little time reading up on the latest developments in your industry, or researching competitors, or helping out a colleague, or setting up a new tracking system for yourself so you [...]

3 tips on writing B2B email marketing copy

If you’ve ever struggled with writing email marketing copy, you’ve probably come across some of the many articles on the topic online. Many address subject line length, CTA button design, and other topics in great detail—but for me, the hardest part has always been the copy itself. Here are a few general tips that for [...]

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