About Emily Boucher

Emily is an Assistant Account Executive at LRG Marketing Communications.

Tips for building a media list

Creating a media list is a fundamental part of running an effective PR campaign. You need to know who your new client wants to reach, which can be very general (real estate) or very specific (property managers of apartments). Once that is nailed down you can begin to curate a list that will produce the [...]

Advice for making the most of your public relations internship

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you can’t expect to get a job out of college on your “Theory of Public Relations” class alone. Internships provide – if you’re willing to work for it – knowledge, expertise and experience that will help you shine in the application process for future employers. Is [...]

Need to de-stress? Here are 4 ideas

It’s that time again around our office where everything kicks into gear and everyone begins to get a little stressed. Personally, I develop stress symptoms such as constant headaches and a wicked eye twitch, while a friend of mine develops stomach issues. The point is, stress hits us all, and while it does so in [...]

5 Things Communications Professionals Can Learn From Harry Potter

As a young professional in my early 20’s, I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear that Harry Potter has been a big (read: monumental) part of my life. Harry Potter and the world J.K Rowling created brought me closer to my best friends, taught me life lessons, comforted me during times of sadness, and, to [...]

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