The glamorous life of a career mom

I thought I could have it all. When I met the love of my life in my late 20’s, I cherished the idea of being a woman with a career and a loving mother to the kids my husband and I would raise together. Soon enough, that idea became a reality and I now have [...]

ISC West 2016 recap

Well, now we’re back from ISC West and per usual it’s all been a blur. A successful blur but still a blur. I’m one of those weirdo trade show-going people who actually enjoys Las Vegas and to be honest, trade shows in general (see my previous post about the joys of shows). Seriously though, in [...]

Why consultative selling is prevailing over traditional sales

Remember how it was before caller ID and Do Not Call lists existed? Odds are you were cold called at least once every night during dinner about a product or service you had no interest in. Usually, the person calling reads quickly and mechanically from a script, never accepting “I’m not interested” as an answer, [...]

Why you should use a creative brief to build your marketing campaign

We’ve all been there before. You envision a fantastic marketing campaign with amazing results and get your team excited about the possibilities of your plan. Next, you expand your vision to your agency, or to your writers and graphic artists. And this is where the perfect campaign you visualized falls to pieces. The message is [...]

Task management made simple

I’m a list person. Always have been, always will be.  In the past you could find post-it notes around my work area, at home and sometimes even in my car (I can’t believe I said that) - each one reminding me of the tasks at hand for the day, the next day, or later in [...]

3 tips on getting more done at the office

How do you decide what to do at work each day? There’s handling your explicit job responsibilities, of course. But you could also spend a little time reading up on the latest developments in your industry, or researching competitors, or helping out a colleague, or setting up a new tracking system for yourself so you [...]