Why B2B execs should publish on LinkedIn

Nearly two years ago, LinkedIn announced the ability for the general public to publish on its platform. Before this announcement, it reserved the platform for a hand-picked group of 150 influencers, which eventually grew to 500. Influencers ranged from Bill Gates to Mark Cuban, whose blog posts averaged over 20,000 views and became a currency [...]

Our best agency client: the neighborhood cat

Meet Duchess. Yes, that’s her real name and she owns it like no one’s business. This cat has turned into our best agency client regardless of what anyone else says. Whether Duchess is paying the LRG office a visit or following one of us to our car after work, she lets us know exactly what [...]

Need to de-stress? Here are 4 ideas

It’s that time again around our office where everything kicks into gear and everyone begins to get a little stressed. Personally, I develop stress symptoms such as constant headaches and a wicked eye twitch, while a friend of mine develops stomach issues. The point is, stress hits us all, and while it does so in [...]

LRG employees feeling the love

We’re not sure if it’s our incredibly good looks or that we’re just lovable people, but it just so happens that we have a lot of happy couples at LRG Marketing. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d share some love stories, what we’re doing for Valentine’s Day and even offer some [...]

3 tips on writing B2B email marketing copy

If you’ve ever struggled with writing email marketing copy, you’ve probably come across some of the many articles on the topic online. Many address subject line length, CTA button design, and other topics in great detail—but for me, the hardest part has always been the copy itself. Here are a few general tips that for [...]

4 reasons you’re wrong about trade shows

Every once in a while I’ll read an article on why trade shows and conferences are a waste of time (and money) and how they are on the way out. I’ve attended a handful of trade shows every year for almost 12 years and my perspective on trade shows is a little brighter. Here’s my [...]

4 stages of your customer’s journey to purchasing

Prospective customers move along a series of four steps, or stages, before making a purchase. This is true for consumers as well as B2B customers. At each stage, the nature of the information and messages that are relevant to the prospect varies. One key to encouraging prospects to take action is to make the messages [...]