Here come the social media carpetbaggers

A client just sent us information on an “exclusive opportunity” for an event being put on by a “value transformation company” and targeted to their industry. As soon as I saw it I started shaking my head. It’s a perfect example of how companies who don’t yet grasp the workings of social media can easily [...]

Why I don’t like you on Facebook

You’ve seen it a hundred times – the cheerful sign, prominently displayed. It might be in a restaurant, a clothing store or a gym, or on a website. There’s the familiar thumbs-up and the text “Like Us on Facebook!” I ignore it every time. Not one of those signs has ever sent me scrambling for [...]

Why commercial industrial brands need to get on social media right now

The other day at a meeting with one of our business-to-business brands, I raised the topic of social media. When I suggested that there could be some value in it for their company, the CEO disagreed. “No one is going to buy a five-million dollar software solution on Twitter!” he laughed. His opinion runs parallel [...]

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